Maria Dadon

Meet Maria

Maria Dadon is the 3-D Design Expert at Sami and Sons, where she is responsible for captivating or creating the clients dream kitchen, bathroom etc. When working with a client she tries to see the uniqueness about them, either their own style, what they like, or just observing their home and finds a way to […]

Recess Lighting Installation

What are the Benefits of Recessed Lighting?

When remodeling a great finishing touch is to add recessed lighting to your rooms. Recessed lighting has a myriad of benefits:   The first being it makes your room look a lot bigger. Having the light coming from the ceiling instead of hanging down in a fixture creates a brighter more airy room. You can […]

In the Details: Stone Shower Accents

Stone Shower Accents We love the colors and  stone shower accents our client chose for this project.                                       When choosing to remodel your space it’s important to think about your main color scheme. It’s also important to […]

Spring Library Inspo

Spring Library Inspo

Spring Library Inspo Decorating your library for spring can be super fun. I find pastel colors make me feel more light and breezy. I want to read more in a well-lit room! We made this Polyvore design showcasing some products we think would look cute in any reading room! Let us know in the comments […]

spring remodeling

Top Ten Spring Remodeling Ideas: The Kitchen

What spring remodeling projects do you have up your sleeve? If your list is long, or you just can’t decide, read further for the most popular spring renovations. Today as the first in our top ten series we will talk about the most used room in the house. The kitchen remodel. Kitchen Remodel   Spring […]

Home Trends

Home Trends: Kitchen Countertops

This week on home trends we will discuss what our customers are buying in kitchen counter tops.   I asked our owner Sami what the top five counter tops people were buying for their newly renovated kitchens. Apparently there are only two real contenders at the moment. People are buying quartz and granite for their […]


#AskTheBuilder 1

Each week we will feature an #AskTheBuilder question asked to us on our social media and in the comments on our blog. You can post a comment here with a question or send questions through on our Facebook page.   #AskTheBuilder     Question: Should I pull up the linoleum in my kitchen to see […]


Three Spring Living Room Color Combos

Spring is a time of renewal. I always use spring to clean out items I haven’t used in the past year and give my home a makeover. If you’ve recently renovated or are planning on renovating, decorating your space is the next step! These three living rooms take the bland pastel for spring ideal and […]