Our Services

  • Garage Remodel

    Garage remodels do not get the love they deserve. After all, some of us only spend one minute a day in the garage, so why remodel? Well, there are others who use the garage for more than just storage and parking

  • Bathroom Remodel

    The bathroom is increasingly becoming an important room in any home. Bathrooms provide many different functions to suit the people using them, practical, fun, peaceful and relaxing.

  • Kitchen Remodel

    For many, the heart of any home is the kitchen. It’s where you spend time creating homemade meals for those you care about, and a space to build traditions and memories that last a lifetime. We can help you to better utilize space and improve flow in any kitchen, as well as upgrade the look and feel of your workspace.

  • General Remodel

    Release your home’s potential with a partial or complete home remodel. By converting existing space into more usable family space, you not only add value to your property but substantially increase your quality of lifestyle.

  • Engineering

    Our Engineers can help you detail exactly what you want, draw up plans and list material specifications. They may also provide oversight for your project while it is in progress.

  • 3D Design and Architecture

    Sami and Sons remodeling providing services such as 3D modeling, texturing and , visualization of interiors and exteriors and in making organic models.

  • Home Addition

    Increase the value of your home and quality of your life with an addition to your home. We’ve helped literally hundreds of homeowners add-on to their existing property, always with the highest quality construction practices at every budget.