New Home Build

Your new addition will fit in seamlessly with the existing structure of your home, giving passersby the idea that your home was always so spacious.

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The Process

Sami & Sons Remodeling takes your remodeling project very seriously. That’s why we give special attention to each step along the way. Click for detailed phases of a remodeling project.

New Home Build- Sami & Sons Remodeling

Do you need a custom home?

Sami & Sons Remodeling is the Bay Area's premier remodeler. We offer an extensive portfolio of services, including design-build and general contracting. Our team has over 10 years of experience in the industry and we're dedicated to quality, integrity, and superior craftsmanship. We work with you every step of the way - from initial design through final stages of construction.

Your dream home should be more than just a house; it should be your sanctuary for life’s most important moments – where family gathers to celebrate holidays or milestones like graduations or weddings; where memories are made that will last forever. Let us help make your dreams come true by building the perfect custom home for you today!

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What are the steps in building my new home?

Prepare Construction Site and Pour Foundation

  • Apply for and Acquire Permits
  • Construction Crew Levels Site
  • Puts Up Wooden Forms for the Temporary Foundation
  • Footings Are Installed

Complete Rough Framing

  • Floor System, Walls, Roof Systems Are Completed
  • Sheathing Applied to Exterior Walls, Covered With Protective Wrap

Complete Rough Plumbing, Electrical HVAC

  • Pipes and Wires
  • Sewer Lines and Vents
  • Water Supply Lines
  • Bathtubs, Shower Units
  • Ductwork for HVAC System
  • HVAC Vent Pipes

Install Insulation

  • Fiberglass
  • Cellulose
  • Foam Board or Ridged Foam
  • Foam Mineral Wool
  • Structural Insulated Panels
  • Concrete Blocks
  • Spray Foam
  • Insulation Concrete Forms

Complete Drywall and Interior Fixtures, Start Exterior Finishes

  • Drywall is Hung and Taped
  • Texturing is Completed
  • Primary Coat of Paint is Applied
  • Exterior Finishes (Stone, Brick, Stucco) Are Installed

Finish Interior Trim, Install Exterior Walkways and Driveway

  • Doors, Window Sills, Decorative Trim Installed
  • Cabinets, Vanities, Fireplace Mantles Installed
  • Final Coat of Paint

Install Hard Surface Flooring, Countertops; Complete Exterior Grading

  • Ceramic tile, vinyl and wood flooring are installed as well as countertops
  • Exterior finish grading is completed to ensure proper drainage

Finish Mechanical Trims; Install Bathroom Fixtures

  • Light fixtures, outlets and switches are installed
  • HVAC equipment is installed
  • Sinks, toilets and faucets are put in place

Install Mirrors, Shower Doors; Finish Flooring, Exterior Landscaping

  • Mirrors, shower doors and carpeting are installed
  • Trees, shrubs and grass are planted

Final Walk-Through

  • Explain features and the operation of various systems
  • warranty coverage and procedures
  • spot check for items that need to be corrected or adjusted