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Sami & Sons Remodeling takes your remodeling project very seriously. That’s why we give special attention to each step along the way. Click for detailed phases of a remodeling project.

KITCHEN REMODELING- Sami & Sons Remodeling

Our unique approach, to the seemingly overwhelming task of remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, allows you to concentrate on the things you do best… enjoying your family, your home and relaxing. We understand the stresses of Kitchen Remodeling and do everything we can to help our customers make choices along the way. The team at Sami and Sons Remodeling has extensive experience in all types of kitchen remodel jobs. We have seen simple remodels such as a quick sink installation and new trim, all the way to a complete kitchen renovation using top designer brands on the market. Our kitchen remodeling services in the Bay Area, CA will create the kitchen space you’ve always dreamed of.

Your budget for Kitchen Remodeling project should be divided as follows:

Kitchen Cabinets

40 %


15 %


35 %


10 %

Kitchen Remodeling & Renovations

From custom cabinets to granite countertops, we do it all. Just like fashion, home design and interior design trends change almost daily. We want to make sure that your kitchen is kept up to date with these constantly changing trends while staying within your budget. Here a few of the newest trends that can be considered when updating your kitchen.

Self Closing Doors & Drawers

Saves space in an open concept remodling

The latest trend in kitchen remodeling

Backsplash, Floor and Walls

Granite, Marble, Quartz

Under cabinet, recessed, accent light