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Your new addition will fit in seamlessly with the existing structure of your home, giving passersby the idea that your home was always so spacious.

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The Process

Sami & Sons Remodeling takes your remodeling project very seriously. That’s why we give special attention to each step along the way. Click for detailed phases of a remodeling project.

HOME ADDITION- Sami & Sons Remodeling

Do you love your house, but just wish it were a little…bigger? A home addition can create refreshing new space. However, if it’s poorly done, a home addition is an expensive eyesore. At Sami & Sons Remodeling, our design experts won’t let that happen to you. Our goal is to add onto your home in a tasteful, seamless manner, so the addition is practically invisible. A home addition renovation can give your home a new look, without going through the hassle of altering your entire home! Maybe you’re considering a garage addition, kitchen addition or family room addition. Or perhaps your ideal vision is to create a man cave, add in-law quarters or build a master suite. We have the experience and trust to help you achieve that goal. our designers will start with the vision you have and refine it into an amazing custom design. The flow of the design will tie right back into your home. Consult with one of our design professionals to create your room addition with modern looks at affordable prices.


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Add A Room & Value To Your House

The square footage of your home was perfect when you bought it. Now, it seems like your space is shrinking. If you have a growing family or your space needs have grown, then consider Sami & Sons Remodeling, for your next home extension project. Our company specializes in constructing home additions that suit your needs and desires. Additions are an excellent fit for our delivery method. Because there are so many elements of design used in creating the best possible space for your family, our thorough design approach allows us to fully plan your project and provide itemized budgets and construction schedules prior to lifting a finger in the actual construction.

We will obtain a city permit before we start. Our Architectural plans will be created and submitted to the city

Our Design Team will create a 3D rendering that reflects the outcome, final look

We then carry out the construction phase which will bring your home addition project to life