The Owner Contractor Contract Agreement

An owner contractor contract agreement is critical for any type construction or remodeling. New bathroom construction and even bathroom remodel ideas on a budget require a financial, time, and resource investment that needs protecting.

If the project is a simple small bathroom design or if only minor bathroom remodeling is required, an itemized work-order might suffice. But more complex projects like home bathroom spa ideas or modern home bathroom designs make a formal contract agreement between owner contractor necessary. Whether a formal contractor contract form or a simple work agreement is used, both the kitchen bathroom contractor and homeowner must sign the contract. Or the owner contractor contract agreement will not be legally binding.

Before Beginning New Bathroom Construction

Before hiring a kitchen bathroom contractor or signing a contractor contract agreement form, research to find the best bathroom contractor for the job. Select the best bathroom contractors with the skill and expertise required to turn your dream home bathroom or bathroom remodel ideas on a budget into welcomed reality. Follow these simple steps:

  1. The best bathroom contractors have ample experience developing bathroom renovation plans similar to your own dream home bathroom or small bathroom design ideas.
  2. Consider only remodeling bathroom contractor candidates that meet state and local license and insurance requirements. Note: Check online to determine state regulations. Contact the Secretary of State to make sure new bathroom construction contractor candidates can legally perform services in that state. The best bathroom contractors often exceed minimum requirements and enhance their bathroom remodeling services. Holding additional credentials such as plumbing, electrical, or gypsum drywall specialty.
  3. After selecting 3 - 5 good kitchen bathroom contractor candidates, meet with each separately. Request insurance information; ask questions to verify that their skill and experience level meet your requirements. Request proof of diplomas, certificates, and licensing. Ask for names of references and contact information. Also ask to see photos of recently completed modern home bathroom designs and other bathroom remodeling projects. Note: verify insurance requirements are up-to-date. Contact references to make sure they check out. Ask whether they enjoyed working with the contractor, if bathroom remodeling workmanship was satisfactory, whether the contractor stayed on budget, if new bathroom construction was completed on time, and whether they were happy overall with the services provided. Ask if they would recommend the bathroom remodeling contractor to other homeowners. If not, why?
  4. Discuss your dream home bathroom or small bathroom design ideas with each candidate. Listen carefully to each candidate's ideas and suggestions. Make sure you understand all bathroom remodeling details. Including installation/repair needs, materials required, and projected time frame.
  5. Obtain bathroom renovation estimates from each remodeling bathroom contractor. To fairly compare all bathroom renovation estimates, make sure you understand the breakdown of bathroom renovation costs for materials and services. Note: bathroom renovation estimates are ball-park figures only. Bathroom renovation estimates are not binding and are subject to change. Before hiring a kitchen bathroom contractor or signing an owner contractor contract agreement, request a formal bathroom renovation costs bid. One that includes all expenses associated with the bathroom remodeling project.

Once you have selected the best bathroom contractor for your dream home bathroom, schedule another meeting. This time to finalize arrangements and get every aspect of your home bathroom spa ideas or new bathroom construction in writing. Use a free owner contractor contract agreement or other type contractor contract form. Note: get everything in writing before hiring any kitchen bathroom contractor. Make sure the contractor contract agreement form is signed by both parties before starting bathroom remodeling construction.

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