Licensed Bathroom Remodeling Contractors

Licensed bathroom remodeling contractors have a great future in store. Since kitchen and new bathroom construction remain the top 2 home improvements made by American homeowners, the services of a kitchen bathroom contractor will always be in demand.

Why Become a Custom Bathroom Contractor

Home spa ideas and modern home bathroom designs may change with time. But the home improvements best known to add worth to the home remains consistent. Modern home bathroom designs, whether a high-end bathroom construction or small bathroom update, can increase the efficiency and appearance of your present floor plan and boost your home's worth. And make it more appealing and desirable to potential buyers, increasing your chance of making a quick sale. Less time on the real estate market means more money in your pocket!

A 2010 National Association of Realtors “Cost vs. Value Report” return-on-investment survey says it all. The national average recoup for a new bathroom remodeling upon sale of the house exceeds 64%. A higher return on investment than a new roof, family room, or master suite addition would provide.

The importance of new bathroom construction is one reason why a custom bathroom contractor is in such demand, even in a sagging economy. This is why many DIY renovators, novice carpenters, and kitchen bathroom contractor wannabes opt to go professional, and take their first step toward a successful career as a custom bathroom contractor. And sign up for the state contractor license exam, to obtain a residential contractor license.

Why take the time to acquire a residential contractor license?

  • Licensed contractors make more money than unlicensed service providers.
  • Holding a building contractor license lends more credibility to bathroom remodeling contractors.
  • A residential contractor license helps ensure that the contractor has adequate skills and is knowledgeable about construction procedures, regulations, guidelines, and building codes.

More importantly, most states enforce contractor insurance requirements and residential contractor license requirements. Steep fines and penalties can apply to offenders who fail to acquire licensing.

Licensed Bathroom Remodeling Contractors - How to Become One

Serious kitchen bathroom contractor candidates will take the initiative. They will research contractor insurance requirements and contractor license requirements for the state in which they will provide services. They will carefully follow state and local guidelines for licensing, before providing kitchen bathroom contractor services.

Each state may have different building contractor license requirements and insurance guidelines. Tip: an online research to discover state regulations is relatively simple. For instance, persons interested in becoming a custom bathroom contractor in Seattle can perform an Internet search by typing in “contractor license Washington”.

Before acquiring a license, however, kitchen bathroom contractor candidates must take an exam to show they are knowledgeable:

  • About new bathroom construction (both small budget and high-end modern home bathroom designs).
  • About creating bathroom floor plans - everything from modern home bathroom designs to small vintage bathroom design.
  • About bathroom renovation and repairs and installation of fixtures.
  • About preparing a bathroom renovation checklist.
  • About preparing bathroom renovation estimates.
  • About developing a bathroom renovation contract.
  • About state and local building code requirements.

Also critical to kitchen bathroom contractor career success is new bathroom construction and remodeling experience. In addition to good mathematical, architectural, management, and communication skills.

To test the preparedness of bathroom renovation candidates, a written residential contractor license exam must be passed.

The Custom Bathroom Contractor License Examination

Wannabe bathroom remodeling must pass a formal contractor license examination for the state in which they plan to do business.

Test requirements differ, state to state. In the state of California, for instance, kitchen bathroom contractor candidates must have at least 4 years experience under their belt before taking the contractor license exam.

Acceptable building experience to take the California contractor license exam must be within the last 10 years. Self employment kitchen bathroom contractor experience is accepted, even if it occurred in California without a residential contractor license. College or trade school can count for up to 3 of the 4 years required.

Be advised that state and local building code statutes for bathroom remodeling contractors are ever evolving. Studying just prior to taking the residential contractor license examination is your best chance to pass it.

Many of the state industry examination administrators (such as ProV, the International Code Council, and Prometric) use similar contractor license exam formats. This includes multiple choice questions covering material found in recommended reference books.

Some online contractor license exam prep resources offer free downloadable study materials for kitchen bathroom contractor candidates. Tip: for multiple options, perform a search using the words “free contractor license examination study material.”

Wannabe bathroom remodeling contractors who research state contractor license exam guidelines should obtain as much contractor license exam prep information as possible. Including:

  • Additional information on specific construction industry trades, state and local jurisdiction. Including handicapped and high-end bathroom construction and design.
  • Names and addresses of industry contractor license examination administrators.
  • Type and content of the contractor license exam - open book or not.
  • Contractor license examination time allotment.
  • Scoring - what constitutes a passing grade?
  • Recommended reading/study materials.

Custom Bathroom Contractor License Exam Prep Tips

Preparing for the contractor license exam is critical to success.

Having to repeat a building contractor license examination can be time consuming, frustrating, and expensive.

Kitchen bathroom contractor candidates serious about passing the contractor license examination the first time around should:

  • Read books and other materials recommended by testing resources.
  • Be familiar with residential contractor license and contractor insurance requirements.
  • Take notes. Many wannabe bathroom remodeling contractors find that writing down pertinent information reinforces the learning process and enhances memory recall. Tip: index cards make perfect flash-card style memory builders. Write the question on one side of the index card, the answer on the other. The perfect way to study solo, or else have someone read questions aloud.
  • Avoid the temptation to cram. Bathroom remodeling contractors in-the-making get better exam scores when they allow 3 weeks or longer to study. (A reasonable investment that will pay off huge dividends!)
  • When studying, select a distraction-free atmosphere, relaxing and conducive to concentration.
  • Become familiar with state and local building code requirements for bathroom renovation and construction, as well as requirements for other types of residential construction.
  • Obtain a contractor license examination Contractor Information Bulletin. Tip: contractor license exam information bulletins are available from the various state industry examination administrators. Including Prometric, the International Code Council, Pearson VUE, PSI Exams, and more.

Wannabe bathroom remodeling contractors should find out beforehand whether or not the exam will be “open book.” And whether reference books will be supplied at the contractor license exam, or if candidates must supply their own.

The Candidate Information Bulletin contains pertinent information about preparing for the contractor license examination. Including:

  • State guidelines for a building contractor license.
  • Candidate Information Bulletin eligibility and fees.
  • Registration procedures (internet/telephone/fax/mail)
  • How to schedule the contractor license exam (cancellations and missed appointments).
  • Building contractor license examination site locations.
  • How to report to the site (ID requirements and security procedures).
  • How to use the contractor license exam computer.
  • Score reporting.
  • How to prepare for the residential contractor license examination.
  • Contractor license exam prep book list.
  • Sample questions.
  • Building contractor license examination content outline.
  • Examination registration form.

Adequate contractor license exam prep includes suggested construction industry book reading. Construction code reference books, kitchen bathroom contractor manuals, and other construction industry tools outlined in the Candidate Information Bulletin can be found in libraries. Or else purchased at community college bookstores or retail bookstores. *Candidate Information Bulletin suggested reading can also be purchased online through such resources as and Ordering books online can take up to 2 weeks or more to arrive.

Tip: Resources such as offer used books at huge savings. Sometimes by as much as 60 to 80-percent-off the regular price. Purchasing reference books listed in the Candidate Information Bulletin suggested-reading list will prove a sound investment. Both for exam preparation and for new bathroom construction referral, later on.

If the residential contractor license examination is open-book and books are supplied at the exam, the Candidate Information Bulletin will usually alert applicants not to bring their own materials. If books are not supplied by the exam administrator, any books brought in by bathroom remodeling contractors in-the-making will be searched. Persons hiding materials could find their books confiscated.

In open-book exams, focus is on timely research to find correct answers to questions vs. memorizing answers.

Some states, like Washington, Oregon, and California, hold a monopoly on the building contractor license process. They might not list contractor license exam prep books on public web sites. In that case, custom bathroom contractor candidates should call the licensing agency for a specific book list.

Request each book's title, ISBN #, name of publisher and author, year of publication, and specific edition - 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc.

Tips for Bathroom Remodeling Contractors

After you pass the contractor license examination, obtain a building contractor license, and meet contractor insurance requirements, you are ready to begin work as a kitchen bathroom contractor. Tip: each state has its own contractor insurance requirements that must be met. Including general and building contractor insurance requirements, and Worker's Compensation.

Serious bathroom remodeling contractors will invest in equipment and tools for their business. And will begin a resource library. In addition to reference books recommended in the Candidate Bulletin Guidelines, other helpful resources should be added. Including home spa design manuals and books on modern home bathroom designs - large or small. As well as high-end bathroom construction, and remodel ideas for the homeowner on a budget.

Many bathroom remodeling contractors decide to enhance their skills with additional construction-related credentials. For instance, plumbing, electrical, pollutant storage systems, gypsum dry wall specialty, or pool/spa servicing - for more complete custom bathroom contractor services.

Becoming certified under additional classifications is easier and less expensive than the initial contractor license exam. The 1 day class usually costs under $200; exam fees run around $50. There are no additional contractor insurance requirements, and no added fees to maintain additional classifications.

Serious bathroom remodeling contractors may take classes in architecture that put them in line for management positions with a hefty pay increase. Or another type class to increase their skill and earning potential. Like designer courses for sophisticated modern home bathroom designs, luxury home spa ideas, and high-end bathroom construction that will further increase kitchen bathroom contractor earning potential!

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