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spring remodeling

Top Ten Spring Remodeling Ideas: The Kitchen

What spring remodeling projects do you have up your sleeve? If your list is long, or you just can’t decide, read further for the most popular spring renovations. Today as the first in our top ten series we will talk about the most used room in the house. The kitchen remodel.

spring remodeling

  1. Kitchen Remodel


kitchen remodelSpring forward! Add some light to your kitchen by redoing your color scheme. Updating your windows and doors. You could even add a skylight! The sky is literally the limit with your kitchen remodel.

Read our blog on the top counter tops our clients are asking for at the moment.

A kitchen should be an open space with a lot of light. A majority of time is spent here making meals and making family memories. Having an open space with bright colors and a floor that’s easy to clean will make those memories even sweeter.



Our designer Maria just finished this lovely 3-D rendering of a proposed kitchen remodel today.

View For facebook – kitchen in Chief Architect’s 360° Panorama Viewer.


Country Living has a before and after slideshow of 22 kitchen remodels.

Forbes wrote about ten ways to keep your sanity during a kitchen renovation.

What would you change about the kitchen you currently own?


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