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Three Spring Living Room Color Combos

Spring is a time of renewal. I always use spring to clean out items I haven’t used in the past year and give my home a makeover. If you’ve recently renovated or are planning on renovating, decorating your space is the next step!

These three living rooms take the bland pastel for spring ideal and flip it.

Beautiful yellows matched with vibrant blues, with a neutral grey for balance.

Coral and teal brighten your brown/wood walls.

Pink and Taupe soften white walls.


Blue and Yellow

I love grey and yellow in the living room. Add a splash of blue and you’re creating a calming open room that you will want to spend time in. These colors are well-suited for modern spaces.





Coral and Teal

I love these two colors. They work so well partnered with wood wall or any shade of brown. Paired together they have a chic, home-y feel that will make you want to relax.

Coral and Teal



Pink and Taupe

I’m a sucker for pink and so many colors work with it. Pinks and browns have to be my absolute favorite. For spring I want the softer more pastel shades.

Pink and Taupe Living Room



What are your favorite colors for spring in your living area? What areas do you spruce up yearly or seasonally?



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