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#AskTheBuilder 1

Each week we will feature an #AskTheBuilder question asked to us on our social media and in the comments on our blog. You can post a comment here with a question or send questions through on our Facebook page.






Question: Should I pull up the linoleum in my kitchen to see what’s underneath? The linoleum runs up the wall a bit in the kitchen.

Answer: Pini suggests waiting until you’re ready to replace the linoleum to take a look. You may strike gold under there. Especially if the linoleum was placed in the 60s-80s, but you also may not find what you’re looking for and there’s the added complication of the linoleum running up the wall a bit. Pini also suggests if you do take a look and it’s not what you want replace the linoleum with tile for a longer lasting and easier to clean refresh of the floor.





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